49th Convocation of YUOE

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To train teachers, researchers and educationists capable of producing lifelong learners who can generate good citizens


Bring up innovative, dynamic and excellent academicians who can render service to society with utmost loyalty and sincerity(IDEALS- Innovative, Dynamic, Excellent, Academic, Loyal and Sincere)


  • Convince the National Education Policy and commit to its responsibilities
  • Train “IDEALS” educationists – student teachers, in-service teachers, researchers and educator who can contribute to National Education as well as keep abreast with the international standards
  • Advance pedagogy, professional competency, research, innovation and creativity in the institution
  • Take the responsibility for the teacher education programmes, cooperating with other organizations

Action Plans

  • to select the trainees who are bright and interested in teaching
  • to appoint the teachers who are academically strong and committed to the profession
  • to develop the physical environment
  • to generate a conducive learning environment
  • to implement a Quality Assurance (QA) System
  • to increase cooperation with local and international experts and organizations
  • to establish the National Teacher Council
  • to restructure the existing organization of the Institution
  • to implement new teaching programmes in upgrading the Public-Private Partnership
  • to find reliable sources for raising funds


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